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Instant Book allows me to focus on daily operations, as well as to fish while not being interrupted. I never miss out on a booking opportunity and my customers enjoy the easy process. It's an awesome tool!

Key West, Florida


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What are the benefits of Instant Book?

Better visibility

Every day, more captains list online. Instant Book gives your listing a free ranking boost, so you stand out from the crowd.

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Customers choose Instant Book because it gives them instant confirmation. And you’ll never miss a booking request.

Time to focus on fishing

Bookings for your free dates get accepted automatically, so you can fish without interruptions.

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Only get booked when you're available

Customers can only book the dates that are open in your calendar. Block out the days you’re busy and we’ll focus on filling your empty spots.

As soon as someone books, you get their contact info. Fine-tune the trip details with them and get ready for a day to remember.

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Instant Book makes booking trips a lot easier for customers and for me. I'm getting customers who had a very pleasant and easy experience while booking my boat. This makes my job even more enjoyable!

Orange Beach, Alabama

I'm not very tech savvy. For me, Instant Book makes accepting bookings a lot easier and faster. I am not 100% satisfied, I am 200% satisfied! Looking forward to getting booked up in the future as well!

Oranjestad, Aruba

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Frequently asked questions

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