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What is Online Payments?

Online Payments is an additional payment method on FishingBooker that allows your customers to pay for the whole trip upfront using a credit card.

This enables you to have a higher security deposit and keeps you safer from cancellations, while it also allows customers to have a smoother booking experience.

Why Online Payments?

A higher 
conversion rate

Help increase sales and loyalty with a modernized, optimized payments experience.

A higher 
security deposit

Set your security deposit as high as 90% and prevent against short-notice cancellations and no-shows.

An additional
avenue for bookings

Work with customers who like to settle everything upfront and go fishing with peace of mind.

of FishingBooker’s top-performing captains are using Online Payments


How does it work?

We release funds to your account (up to 90% of the trip cost, depending on your commission rate) as soon as the trip is completed. You'll usually get the payment in 1-2 business days.

Booking successful

Booking canceled on time

The full amount is refunded to the customer. This covers weather-related cancellations and other unforeseen circumstances.

You will receive the full amount minus the commission (up to 90% of the trip price).

Booking canceled breaching cancelation policy

When a customer pays everything upfront, there are 3 basic scenarios:

drop in cancellations was reported by captains after introducing Online Payments


Don't take our word for it, see what captains say

When a customer’s on the fence, when they know they can pay all at once it’s easier for them. It’s more of an impulse buy. People who pay online are more likely to review, and the reviews tend to be very positive.

Captain Clyde Morgan
Florida Backcountry Fishing

I was a bit hesitant at first, but the money is right there and the customers usually tip my deckhand better. When the trip is paid in full, customers are locked-in and ready to go. I like Online Payments a lot!

Captain Mike Salley
Sure Shot Fishing Charters


increase in the number of booking requests was reported by captains once they activated Online Payments

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